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    CCCA Bombay CFA Bombay     NZCF Bombay   TICA Bombay  
Breed Name   Bombay Bombay   see Asian Shorthair Bombay see Asian Shorthair Bombay  
Recognition status not recognised full full not recognised not recognised full not recognised full not recognised
Breed code               BO  
Allowable outcrosses   Sable American Burmese,

American Shorthair
Black American Shorthair,

Sable (brown) Burmese
    none   Breed group only, no unknowns.  
Recognised colours   black
(not registered  in any other colour)
black     black   black  
Breeding restrictions   Sable (brown) may only be registered AOV if necessary as a breeding partner. none     Mating of the Bombay to any other breed is not permitted, this includes Australian Bombay and Burmese Group Breeds.   none  
Special notes           Although a recognized breed no Bombays have been exhibited or bred in NZ as of 2010.