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News from our members around the globe 2010-3

The Australian Cat Federation

Judge Training Scheme

The Judges Training Scheme (used nationally for a couple of decades) is being updated by cat fancy identity-judges who are educators in Senior (pre-tertiary) and Adult Education, to bring it into line with current educational process. This is being spearheaded by Bernadette Roberts (Q'ld), Helen Famer (Tasmania) and Sandi Gemmel (NT).

Queensland Floods

The ravages of the dreadful flooding in Queensland - and 'overflow' effect into other states (with Cyclone Yasi hot on the tail) has plunged Australia into obvious difficulty. Then came the hideous earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ. And of course, the even greater catastrophe, in Japan. The year has started badly, but all we can do (other than the donations to our colleagues overseas) is to try to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and try to rebuild. Fortunately, the ACF National show (Brisbane!) is going ahead. Bowed, but not beaten!

June Annual General Meeting

We await the agenda for our June AGM, at which any applications for recognition of new breeds, colours or patterns will be debated. Inside trader info suggests that smoke and silver tabby points (already allowed in SIA, RAG and SBI) will be proposed for PER, BRI, EXO and the Scottish breeds. This makes good sense, given that both silver and pointed pattern are within those gene pools.

Supreme Exhibit, 2010 ACF National

Supreme Champion: Syrecks Sheyenne

Syrecks Sheyenne

Supreme Champion: Shawtop Bullet Proof

Shawtop Bullet Proof

Cats Victoria Inc

We are much gratified that our provisional member, Cats Victoria Inc, has now been granted full status as an 'applicable organisation' by the Victorian government, thus putting it on an equal footing with the other cat bodies in that state. (Note: 'provisional' equates with FIFe/WCF 'patronage')

notification - extract from government gazette

As delegates to the 2010 WCC heard, the lack of this status was cited as cause for our fellow WCC member, CCCA, to withhold recognition of CVI Inc and its registrations. So we look forward to the restriction being lifted in WCC spirit now CVI Inc has has been recognised by the government. It has held 3 shows at time of writing and has an interesting show calendar planned for the rest of the year.

Lesley Morgan-Blythe


Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia

National Show

The CCCA National show is being held in Sydney this year, it is hosted by our NSW affiliate NSWCFA. The event is on 16th and 17th July at Castle Hill. Officiating will be 6 International, 21 National Judges.

All preparations are well in hand to once again receive a record entry.

Judges Conference

In August we travel to Queensland for our two day Judges conference. It will be held on 13th/14th August at the Virginia Palms Hotel, Boondall.

Our Queensland affiliate CFCCQ is the host a most informative agenda has been planned plus the chance to mingle with judges and observers from all over Australia at the conference dinner on the Saturday night.

Queensland Floods

FCCV one of our Victorian affiliates was supplied with a huge donation of product by it's sponsor Royal Canine to distribute to flood victims in Queensland.

Star Track one of Australia's major transport companies very kindly donated the transport of the four pallet loads to Queensland. The President of our Queensland affiliate and his wife distributed the product to so many people who were and still are in desperate need for support for their animals.

Sincere thanks once again to all for their thoughtfulness and support.

Christchurch Earthquake

The devastation of the Christchurch earth quake had an enormous impact on Australians, many of us with very close relationships to breeders, judges and members of the cat fancy there.

CCCA affiliates donated and presented several thousand dollars to the NZCF and helped organise the importation of much needed cages to house the homeless cats and also to replace destroyed show cages.

One of CFA's Hong Kong clubs, United Feline Odyssey also forwarded to FCCV a wonderful financial donation to be included in the funds to travel across the Tasman.

CCCA extends sincere sympathy to all our friends and colleagues in Japan, we wish you great strength, as we do our New Zealand friends, to deal with the days, weeks and months ahead as lives and livelihoods are rebuilt.

Cheryle Uren
President FCCV
Vice President WCC


The New Zealand Cat Fancy

Christchurch Earthquake

As a resident in Christchurch it seemed to be logical that I was nominated co-ordinator for the Christchurch earthquake relief fund, I personally wish to thank all the Associations that have generously contributed with funding.

This generosity has enabled us to purchase collapsible cages to loan to Rescue Shelters to help cope with the many stressed and frightened cats and dogs that are being picked up daily in the streets. People have offered to help look after lost pets but did not have suitable cages available. These cages have now made this amazing offer workable. It is an easy task for people to be relocated to refuge accommodation but unfortunately their animals can not.

The present situation is still very distressing here as there are approx. 12000 uninhabitable homes and a further 180000 homes to have further inspections to know their fate, which is not expected to be completed until December 2011. With the winter months coming some of these homes have been patched up to enable them to have a winter heating program installed.

Christchurch City will never be the same as there are at this time 380 major buildings to be removed with the possibility of more, what is going to be replaced has not yet been decided.

It is believed it will take from 10 to 15 years to rebuild so look forward to a new Christchurch.

Once again thank you for your member's wonderful generosity.

NZCF Shorthair Cat of the Year 2010

TICA U web site

Breeder: Carla Purcell

Cheryle St Clair-Newman
NZCF (Inc.) Executive Council