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News from our members around the globe 2023-1

Southern Africa Cat Council

We still fondly remember the 2019 World Cat Congress which took place in Cape Town, South Africa. It was an absolute treat for our members, breeders, and exhibitors who attended the very informative seminar, which allowed them to listen to presentations from other countries’ experts.

This was also the weekend of our flagship event, Cat of the Year, which brought together the top Entire and Altered cats, top kittens, and the top household pets. The event includes judging of the cats and a formal Gala Dinner and Prize Giving.

And then our Cat World was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and as a country, South Africa began hard lockdowns and restricted activities but our people remained positive and optimistic even though a few of our members crossed the rainbow bridge during the pandemic.

South Africans see opportunities and grab them, so it was time for Virtual Cat Shows! 3 successful “shows” were held and the international judging fraternity was involved once again in SACC shows.

One of our Cat Clubs managed to run a 2-day show in 2021, strictly adhering to the social distance and sanitizing rules laid down by our country and the event was not open to the public to avoid a “super spreader” incidence.

Our Judges’ Council put together a plan of action and has given many presentations via Zoom, just to make sure that our judges remain up to date with any changes which may have occurred and as a form of “refresher” of the Breed Standards, Colours and Patterns.

Now it is 2023, severe restrictions about events have been lifted, and SACC has a show calendar of dates for shows! Therefore life is good in the South African cat world and once again our flagship event, Cat of the Year will take place at the end of July.