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Breed Name Balinese Balinese Balinese:
Balinese Division

Javanese Division
Balinese Balinese Balinese Balinese Balinese Balinese
Recognition status full full full full full full full full full
Breed code none none CFA does not use breed codes.

Registration prefixes include 12##, 20##, 40##.
BAL 61 BAL BAL BA none
Allowable outcrosses Siamese, Oriental Shorthair and Longhair. Siamese, Oriental Shorthair and Longhair, Foreign White Shorthair and Longhair. Balinese, Javanese*, Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair or Oriental Longhair.**

*Javanese became a division of the Balinese breed effective May 1, 2008.

**Certain limited outcrossing is permissible to pointed Oriental Longhairs on litters born on or prior to 12/31/2015.
Sister breeds:
Siamese, Oriental Shorthair and Longhair, Seychellois Longhair and Shorthair.
Siamese, Balinese variant. Siamese, Oriental and Javanese. Siamese, Orientals, Medium Hair Orientals. Within breed group, no unknowns, no outside breeds. Siamese
Recognised colours all, including:
smoke silver

tabby point

caramel/apricot in 3 base colours as well as bi-colour
solid point:








and apricot

tortieshell point: all above colours

tabby point:
in all above solid and tortie colours

smoke point:
in all above solid and tortie colours

silver tabby point:
in all above tabby point colours
Balinese Division

seal point

chocolate point

blue point

lilac point

Javanese Division

solid colour points:
red point

cream point

lynx point colours:
seal lynx point

chocolate lynx point

blue lynx point

lilac lynx point

red lynx point

cream lynx point

cinnamon lynx point

fawn lynx point

seal-tortie lynx point

chocolate-tortie lynx point

blue-cream lynx point

lilac-cream lynx point

cinnamon-tortie lynx point

fawn-cream lynx point

parti-colour point colours:


blue-cream point

lilac-cream point


fawn-cream point

The Javanese Division also recognises smoke silver variations of the above listed colorus.
all colours recognized in Siamese followed by colour codes in parentheses:
seal (no code)

blue (a)

chocolate (b)

lilac (c)

red (d)

cream (f)

apricot (fn)

caramel (n)

seal tortie (e)

blue tortie (g)

chocolate tortie (h)

lilac tortie (j)

caramel tortie (p)

tabbies of any of the above colours (t – pt)
all colours of the Siamese breed all pointed colours all pointed colours all colours without white
Breeding restrictions Variants to have ‘var’ noted as part of registration.

Can be exhibited on phenotype in Siamese classes.
Shorthair progeny from allowable outcrosses may be used in this breeding programme, pedigrees to be marked as ‘variant.’ population. One parent must be registered Balinese or Javanese if outcrossing to pointed Oriental Longhair. Crosses of Siamese and Balinese of all varieties with silvers of any variety are prohibited.

At the breeder’s request, the FIFe member may grant exceptions.

In such cases the FIFe Member will be responsible for the determination of the colours of the offspring.
All red, cream or apricot point Siamese with one or more tabby parents must be registered as red, cream or apricot tabbies until they have been proved to be free of the agouti gene (whether by test mating or DNA test). Some breeders enforce some breeding restrictions for the well being of the breed Kittens with short coats that resemble Siamese or Orientals
To be registered with the variant code (SIAv or ORIv).

Should not be introduced into Siamese or Oriental breeding programs, but should be used in Balinese or Oriental Mediumhair programs only.

May be shown in Siamese/Oriental classes.
Special notes     Javanese Division Colours not recognised for championship status:
cinnamon point, fawn point (including smoke silver).

Smoke silver variations of seal point, chocolate point, blue point, lilac point.
  Offspring of Siamese to Balinese matings must be registered as Balinese variants.

Shorthair offspring of matings where on or more parents is a Balinese Variant must be registered as Balinese variants.
The progeny of Siamese/Oriental matings to Balinese are registered by their phenotype and have full challenge status as Siamese or Oriental Shorthair