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  ACF Nebelung       GCCF Nebelung     TICA Nebelung  
Breed Name Nebelung       Nebelung     Nebelung  
Recognition status full not recognised not recognised not recognised preliminary not recognised not recognised full not recognised
Breed code NEB       NEB     NB  
Allowable outcrosses Russian Blue       Russian (Blue only)     Russian Blue  
Recognised colours blue       blue     blue  
Breeding restrictions Nebelung variants are not to be used in any Russian breeding program             none  
Special notes All Nebelung variants (ie. shorthair) maybe used in Nebelung breeding programs with those not used to be desexed before homing as pets.       It is recommended that Nebelung Variants without a Nebelung parent are DNA tested to prove whether they carry the longhair gene. The application for registration should be accompanied by the DNA test certificate and those proven not to carry the longhair gene shall be over stamped “Does not carry longhair”.     none