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          GCCF Asian        
Breed Name         Asian        
Recognition status not recognised not recognised not recognised not recognised full not recognised See Asian Shorthair See Asian Shorthair not recognised
Breed code         ASH        
Allowable outcrosses         Burmese, Korat or Thai Lilac (tested clear of carrying the Himalayan gene and GM1/GM2 Gangliosidosis) Abyssinian (tested clear of carrying the PKdef, PRA rdAC and PRA Rdy genes) Tonkinese with BCR Egyptian Mau (tested clear of carrying the PKdef gene) Ocicat and Ocicat Classic (“Aztec”) (tested clear of carrying the PKdef, PRA rdAC and PRA Rdy genes) Australian Mist (tested clear of carrying the PKdef, PRA rdAC and PRA Rdy genes) Somali (either LH or SH) (tested clear of carrying the PKdef, PRA rdAC and PRA Rdy genes)        
Recognised colours         All colours in both Full Expression and Burmese Colour Restriction in both Non-Silver and Silver.        
Breeding restrictions         Asian cats may be registered on the Active Register, at the breeder’s request, only if: 1. They have themselves been tested normal for HK. The test certificate should be supplied with the registration application. 2. Both parents have been tested normal as in A1 3. They can be deemed normal because of the results of the testing, as in A1, of cats on every pedigree line in previous generations. Pedigree line in this case refers to both parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents and so on, or any combination of the same which is inclusive of both the sire’s and dam’s ancestors.

Any Asian cat which has inherited two copies of the HK recessive gene (i.e. is suffering from Hypokalaemia Polymyopathy) must not be bred from.
Special notes         All Red, Cream or Apricot Asians or Cats of Asian Type (as defined above) with one or more Tabby or Shaded parent(s) must be registered as Red, Cream or Apricot Tabbies or Shaded until proven otherwise by genetic testing (proof to be supplied with registration documentation).

No cat may be registered as a Tabby or Shaded unless it has an agouti parent. In the case of cats imported into the GCCF register, no cat with a Tabby or Shaded within five generations may be registered as a Red, Cream or Apricot Self or Smoke unless either:

a) The cat has been DNA tested and proven to be non-agouti, or

b) There is a non-red, non-agouti cat breaking the line descending from the Tabby/Shaded.