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LaPerm Shorthair

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Breed Name see La Perm Shorthair see La Perm Shorthair LaPerm Shorthair   LaPerm Shorthair LaPerm Shorthair LaPerm Shorthair LaPerm Shorthair LaPerm Shorthair
Recognition status     full not recognized full full full full full
Breed code         801     LPS  
Allowable outcrosses     Domestic longhair and domestic shorthair.

Kittens born on or after January 2015 may have only LaPerm parents
  Somali, Abyssinian, Ocicat, Asian Shorthair, Tiffabue, (Burnese in the case of imported cats) and Tobkinese, plus variants of these breeds.

In addition, unregistered domes LH and SH and their registered progeny are permitted in the pedigrees of cats registered  (either with GCCF or with another bona fide registering organisation) prior to the 23rd June 2004, and those of their descendants.
    Domestic LH/SH, not a member of a recognized breed  
Recognised colours     All colours are allowed   All colours     All colours  
Breeding restrictions     none   LaPerms are not compatible with Cornish, Devon or Selkirk Rex. Such matings are therefore highly undesirable. The product of such matings will be registered on the Reference Register and cannot be considered to be LaPerms or LaPem variants.

They cannot be used in any Rex breeding programme and should be placed on the non-active register.

It is considered to be in the best interest of  the LaPerm breed to keep it entirely separate from incompatible Rex mutations.

Under no circumstances should any cat with Sphynx ancestry be introduced into the LaPerm breed.

LaPerms with Oriental SH,Oriental LH, Siamese or Balinese cats in their pedigrees, registered prior to (date of progression to Provisional status), will continue to be registered as LaPerms, as will their progeny in succeeding generations.

After (date of progression to Provisional status) the progeny of LaPerms mated to Oriental SH, Oriental LH, Siamese or Balinese will be registered on the Reference Register as ‘no recognized breed’ with no progression.
Special notes               none