World Cat Congress By-laws

  1. All member organisations shall supply copies of their own breed codes to all other Secretariats, for ready identification/translation of colour and pattern on pedigrees.
  2. Members shall not accept an affiliate club with a name which is the same as that of one of the member organisations.
  3. Members shall ensure that their member clubs respect the dates of shows of other organisations.
  4. All member organisations should report on the WCC in their own publications.
  5. Regarding standards and the acceptance of new breeds in an organisation, the body of origin standard is to be closely adhered to and all standards for the same breed are to be very similar.
  6. The annual membership fee, which is decided at the Annual General Meeting, shall be in Australian dollars and the costs involved in the transfer of the fee shall be met by the Member.
  7. The costs of the business meeting shall be borne by WCC.
  8. The Secretary shall receive an annual honorarium, the amount of which shall be decided by the delegates at each annual meeting.
  9. All WCC members shall seek to make it mandatory that all breeding cats within their organisations be tested for any adverse hereditary condition if and when such genetic tests is available in their own country.  In the event that both parents of the cat in question have been tested negative for a specific adverse gene, further testing for that gene is not necessary.
  10. In May 2013 it was decided that the WCC shall appoint a sub-committee to liaise and consult with specialists in the field of feline reproduction currently working with frozen semen artificial insemination in the cat to determine a protocol and guidelines for pedigree cat breeders wishing to utilise AI in their cats and to determine how best to monitor litters resulting from artificial insemination with frozen semen.
    The function of this sub-committee having been completed, it was therefore discharged in March, 2014.

March, 2014