World Cat Congress Officers

The Officers of the WCC shall be elected from among the delegates of the member organisations or shall be subject to appointment of suitably qualified persons by the delegates.

WCC President, Eric Reijers

WCC President

Mr Eric Reijers was re-elected in April 2017 as President for a two year period. Mr Reijers has been President since 2011 and also served previously Vice-President of the WCC. He is the General Secretary of FIFe and an all breed FIFe judge. Mr Reijers, who comes from the Netherlands, now lives in the Czech Republic and breeds Cornish Rex under the prefix of NL*Pendragon.

WCC Vice-president, Cheryl U’Ren

WCC Vice-President

Cheryl U’Ren was re-elected in April 2016 for a period of two years. Mrs. U'Ren is currently the International Liaison Officer of the CCCA, the Australian body where she has been active for many years. Mrs. U'Ren is an all-breed CCCA judge and also responsible for judge training in that body. She has been breeding Persians very successfully for many years.

WCC Secretary/Treasurer, Penny Bydlinski

WCC Secretary/Treasurer

The Secretary/Treasurer is Penny Bydlinski, former General Secretary of FIFe, who was re-appointed in April 2016 for a period of two years. Mrs. Bydlinski is also an international judge of the FIFe and has been the unofficial secretary of WCC since 1995. With the acceptance of the Charter in 1999, she was formally appointed as Secretary/Treasurer.