Charter of the World Cat Congress

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote the health, welfare and protection of all cats on an international basis, and to raise public awareness of the positive aspects of the cat fancy.
  2. To foster international co-operation within the cat fancy, and "open doors" policy between participants.
  3. To provide a world forum for open and frank discussion on cat related matters of mutual interest.
  4. To disseminate knowledge and information on cat related diseases and to support research into such matters by whatever means possible.
  5. To provide and exchange information within the pedigree cat fancy.
  6. To provide information and support regarding feline legislation.
  7. To discuss mutually acceptable policies affecting the recognition of breeds, breeding, showing and judging of cats.
  8. To provide a forum with a view to understanding the basic procedures in the showing and judging of cats.
  9. To ensure the integrity of each of the WCC participating organisations through the protection of their names, acronyms, logos and trademarks.


    1. The five foundation members of the WCC are FIFe, WCF, CFA, ACF and TICA.
    2. The Membership is comprised of organisations which meet the requirements set forth in Point 2. below and have been accepted for membership.
  1. Any organisations desirous of membership in the future are to be nominated and seconded in writing by two of the foundation members and such nomination together with all relevant details of the nominee are to be sent to the Secretary (see 3,4,5 below) to be communicated to the other members with the agenda for the next meeting. Approval of membership to be by a simple majority of the members including a majority of the foundation members following presentation of the nomination at the Annual Meeting of the WCC.
  2. Applications for membership should be restricted to organisations representing no fewer than 1000 current individuals and a minimum of ten years' experience as a properly constituted cat registry or be comprised of a number of member organisations which conduct such registries.
  3. Such aspiring member organisations should have a panel of at least 20 fully qualified judges.
  4. Nominated bodies should have demonstrated a willingness to co-operate with other cat organisations and their general aims and objectives should be consistent with those of WCC member bodies.
  5. Members to abide by the rules and regulations of the charter or of a future WCC constitution and to have paid their annual subscription at the time of each WCC meeting.

Structure of Meetings

  1. The WCC to comprise a representative from each member organisation, (President, or a suitably qualified senior officer conversant with relevant points under Aims and Objectives).
    1. A President for a two-year term to be elected from or appointed by a simple majoity of the membership present at the annual meeting.
    2. A vice-President for a two-year term to be elected from or appointed by a simple majority of the membership present at the annual meeting.
    3. A secretary/treasurer to be appointed by the Governing Body for a two-year term.
  2. Other office bearers as necessary to be appointed as laid down in the charter.


  1. All members shall pay an annual membership fee, the amount of which shall be decided at each Annual General Meeting. This fee is intended to cover the following:
    1. Secretarial such as postage and stationery.
    2. Venue for meetings
  2. Each of the member organisations may be responsible for the travel and lodging and incidental expenses of their delegate. Thereafter, each participating organisation shall share in the other incidental expenses of the meeting on an equal basis. Each organisation will be billed for their share of these expenses after the meeting as well as the annual fee.
  3. It is the intent of the WCC to seek the participation of corporate sponsors for the sponsorship of meetings, education, legislation and genetic studies world-wide.

Signed by the representatives of the five members of the Governing Body:

  • Allan Raymond, ILO for ACF Inc.
  • Pam Delabar, CFA President
  • Eric Reijers, FIFe General Secretary
  • Anneliese Hackmann, WCF President
  • Kay De Vilbiss, TICA President

Amended June, 2005

Retired April, 2008